Focus on quality

With experience comes knowledge on what it takes to make it in this business. We’re extremely aware of the expectations our customers have both to our products and to us in general. We therefore have great focus on precision in our work.

Our focus on quality includes, amongst other things, the making extensive production documentation. Our QA-department can tailor the control and quality documentation after the needs and demands of a customer.

As competition increases in this busy market, we’ve noticed that there’s also an increase in the demands for documentation. With extremely precise tools like for instance our Contura G2 measuring machine from Zeiss, we can produce parts with very fine tolerances and in addition document this to our customers. This is not only a safety for us during the production, but also for our customers and their customers again that everything has gone according to plan. Since we’re producing a lot of parts for Subsea and other segments of the offshore and petroleum industry, this is a necessary safety as many of these parts are being lowered down thousands of feet under water and are supposed to function down there for decades. Our QA-department is temperature regulated and in addition to our Zeiss machine, we have a big selection of other measuring tools and gauges.

K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS are certified according to

NS-EN ISO 9001:2015

Our environmental policy

Our business is to be run in such a way that it doesn’t harm people or the environment, we’re going to, as a minimum, fulfill the demands in NS-EN 14001:2015 and continuously improve our environmental management system.

The company is conscious of the environment and environmental management and will see to that:

- Current licenses are complied and the laws and regulations  are followed.

- Safety is emphasized and included as a natural part of our activities so that the company poses no environmental impact.

- Our staff members are informed and motivated to environmental work so that they contribute actively to pursue our environmental policy.

- We are constantly improving the various factors that affect the environment regarding processes, procedures and job descriptions.

- Waste from the production is sorted.

K. Lerøy Metallindustri AS are certified according to

NS EN ISO 14001:2015