With our versatile machine park and experience we in K. Lerøy Matallindustri AS can assist you, either you are in the early stages of development or you are ready for production in larger series.

Product development

We have experience with both development and improvement of products. With tools like SolidWorks we help you model, visualize and create production drawings. We also have a 3D-printer for rapid prototyping, but we are also making functional prototypes in our production facility.


Our machine park contains both simple and advanced turning and milling machines. We are focusing on being ahead in our field, so a lot of resources are spent on heaving a modernized machine park. This combined with our competent coworkers means that you as our customer are in the best hands.

In later years we have specialized in production with strict tolerances in most materials, from plastic to more demanding materials used for subsea applications. By being up to date on the latest production methods we have kept our good reputation as a steady collaborator in several industries.

Sheet metal working

With our laser cutter we can cut all kinds of contour in sheet materials. One can also achieve the most amazing geometries by bending those contours in our press break


We are performing both manual welding, when the numbers are few or the weldment require it, and robotic welding for larger series.


We can mark the parts we are making either engraving or laser marking