Our products

Some of the products we have developed have been collected in a brochure so you only need to send us an article number and the quantity you need. The brochure can be found here.

Let's find a solution

Whether you have a clear sense of how the problem should be solved or just revealed a need, we can be there for you. We have experience and knowledge about the product development process, from need to finished product. The advantage we have as a supplier is that we in addition to producing can assist with modeling and drawing documentation. The short way between development / sales and production means that you can rest assured that we consider both production and price.

Do you have something you want produced?


For the past 20 years, we have developed and manufactured medical equipment together with various healthcare professionals. In the portfolio, we have everything from affordable plate products to advanced parts to a high-tech heart pump that will run in the human body. No matter what your mission is, we can help you with production drawings, prototype and serial production.