K.LerøyMetallindustri AS was founded back in 1957 and at the time its main production line was fittings for the local furniture industry. We are still an important partner for the furniture industry. However, while our main focus has been switched to the petroleum industry, Subsea and defense related products, our product spectrum has a much wider range. 


Over the past 30 years we’ve specialized in the production of components with fine tolerances in very demanding material. These components can be found in various products; from parts for the defence and medical equipment to housing for electronics, valves or other equipment that are lowered thousands of feet under water. 


Our main areas of production are precision mechanics for electronics, Subsea, defence, the petroleum industry and the furniture industry, but we welcome challenges in other branches and industries as well. 


As our challenges have grown, so has the company itself: we’ve expanded our production area considerably since our beginning, and we now have great storage capacity, our own QA-department, a separate welding and assembling department, and a much larger main hall for our machines. We’re now over 50 staff members who are all doing their very best to maintain the quality and expertise that are expected within our main areas.